What is DoubRing?

A Global common language

DoubRing describes relationships between two words such as "Dream and Reality" and "Life and Death" according to how we think personally. It is a truly universal way of representation and can be a global communication tool such as logic and pictures.

Describe relationship with two circles

DoubRing is a visualization tool to make our invisible perception of the world visible. You describe the relationship between certain pair of words. 

BASIC 8 Questions

Which pattern would you choose?

Only Nine Patterns

To make it ultimately simple, DoubRing allows only 9 patterns. The following chart shows how the nine patterns are described.

Two factors matter

To realize the simplicity above, DoubRing has condensed the characteristics of the relationship into only two factors: 1)The relative size and 2)intersection.

Consequently the following three attributes are ignored in DoubRIng representation.

  1. Absolute size of the rings
  2. Level of intersection
  3. Any decoration such as colors, pattern, and thickness of the line.

As shown in the below diagram, the following "derivatives" are considered the same pattern.

No right answers

Obviously none of your answers are right or wrong. They are just "different" from others. It reflects our diversity as a human being. DoubRing is not an exam. Transition from "right or wrong" mindset to "just different" mindset is very important to understand diversity.