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Seeing is believing:

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Why DoubRing?

DoubRing visualizes your mindset

You will be amazed at how different our mindsets are.

For our mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is vital to us who are living in a highly diversified global world. 

DoubRing is an eye-opening tool for  you to find how little you understand others. 

But never mind. Now you are on the starting line to reboot your perception of language and communication.


1. Communication is an illusion

Most of our daily personal issues/concerns are somehow coming from communication. The problem here is we strongly believe in communication. George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright once said "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." It really is an illusion.


2.Language is also an illusion

You might say "Communication is an illusion? That's not right. We have language."

Is this really true?

DoubRing will tell you how ambiguous and vulnerable our language is.

You will know how different your definition of words are from others.


3.Therefore they are critical.

Does it mean our communication and language are useless?

Completely the opposite.

They are illusions. THEREFORE they are critical.

You must start thinking you should be more and more careful about them


DoubRing is a catalyst for your language and communication.

Three objectives of DoubRing

1. Know more about others

 You will be amazed at how different our mindsets are. 

You will be able to know more about others by the results of DoubRing


2. Know more about yourself

 By knowing others, you will be able to know more about YOURSELF. The easiest way to know yourself is to understand how different you are from others.


3. Train your brain

 Diagrams are products of abstraction. Abstraction is the very basics of our thinking and creativity. DoubRing will enable you to train your brain skills including creativity and conceptualization.

Beyond hidden assumptions

Hidden assumptions

Some people might say "This is not an appropriate  research. These questions are too ambiguous. You can never describe the relationship without specific assumptions." 

Fair enough... however, it IS the point.

Microcosm of our communication

DoubRing is a microcosm of our conversation. Do we really clarify every assumption before we communicate? It rarely happens. Our daily communication is even much worse than this situation. This is one of the reasons why DoubRing tells us our communication is just a castle in the air.